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Fading Star // @vanji-lost

Though Karol could hear people running around happily, he couldn’t see them. He couldn’t see the bright blue sky, or the city he grew up in. The only thing he could see was a white light that wouldn’t go away no matter how much he tried to get rid of it. He was scared, and could hardly get his legs to move. But he could hear Raven’s voice from far away, and he wanted to talk to him… at least just one last time before he vanished from the world. 

"Raven…!" The blind child yelled out as loud as he could manage. He ran up to Raven, using only his hearing, and tried his best not to run into anyone. "Raven! Is that you?" His voice had a different tone to it today. The usual sense of happiness most people noticed when talking to him was gone. Even though he was afraid and wanted to break out into tears, he didn’t. He even forced a smile upon his face, not wanting to make anyone worry.

Even if it meant going out of his way to act like nothing was wrong, he had to do it. If he made it obvious that he couldn’t see, or that he was near death, it would make Raven and the others sad. He didn’t want anyone to feel bad for him now. Still, he would do anything just to see his friends faces just one more time.